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Oral Presentations (groups of 3)

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You and your group members will play the roles of a customer, a salesclerk  and a chasier in a clothing

store. You will ask and answer questions about the articles of clothing sold in the store. The customer will then decide whether or not to buy the articles. Finally, the customer will pay  for the items using foreign currency.




1. Work with your group to prepare the skit. One of you will play the role of the salesperson,  one will be the shopper and  the other one will be the cashier . Be prepared to play both roles. Decide the type of clothing the store will sell and bring to class articles of clothing or pictures from a magazine and fake currency from other countries. Give the store a name.


2. Assign roles


Cliente: Make a list of expressions and questions you can use to ask about, describe, and say whether you will buy an article of clothing.


Dependiente(a): Make a list of expressions and questions you can use to help your client, answer his or her questions, and show him or her the clothing.


Cajero: The third person will be  the cashier,  he/she will have give an actual matching price  in foreign currency. 



3. Practice:  Work with your group and practice  the 3 roles. You might want to review A primera vista, the Videohistoria, and Actividades 9,11, 17 for ideas. You can use your written notes when you practice, but not during the actual role play. The clerk will begin the conversation. Keep talking until the customer hasmadea decision to buy or not to buy the article of clothing.


Rubric  will be provided in class








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