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Study Guide 4

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Words that describe people and things are

called adjectives (adjetivos).


• In Spanish, most adjectives have both

masculine and feminine forms. The

masculine form usually ends in the

letter -o and the feminine form usually

ends in the letter -a.


• Masculine adjectives are used to describe

masculine nouns.

Marcos es ordenado Marcos is organized

y simpático. and nice.


• Feminine adjectives are used to describe

feminine nouns.

Marta es ordenada Marta is organized

y simpática. and nice.


• Adjectives that end in -e describe both

masculine and feminine nouns.

Anita es inteligente. Anita is smart.

Pedro es inteligente Pedro is also smart.



• Adjectives whose masculine form ends in

-dor have a feminine form that ends in -dora.

Juan es trabajador. Juan is hardworking.

Luz es trabajadora. Luz is hardworking.


• Some adjectives that end in -a, such as

deportista, describe both masculine and

feminine nouns. You will need to learn

which adjectives follow this pattern.

Tomás es deportista. Tomás is


Marta es deportista también. Marta is also





Word order: Placement of adjectives



In Spanish, adjectives usually come after the noun

they describe. Notice how artística follows chica in

the Spanish sentence.

Margarita es una chica artística. Margarita is an artistic girl.

Did you notice that in the English sentence the adjective

comes before the noun?

Here’s a simple pattern you can follow when writing a

sentence in Spanish.



Subject    Verb       IndefiniteArticle + Noun         Adjective


Margarita     es                 una                         chica             estudiosa 

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